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Baked Beans I can't remember who to give credit to for this......

Editor's Note: I believe you could use any other types of beans with this, as well.

Chickpea-Mushroom Curry (Recipe from the Vegetarian Times~ I highly recommend this book to those in Phase I. You can add meat to most recipes and it has some great stuff!!!!)

It says to serve with rice or bread. You can serve it with brown rice in Phase II. I usually just eat it by itself with some chicken, and it is great! The spices can be expensive. I like to use pepper and garlic. I happen to have all the spices because I cook Indian food all of the time, but the only required items are ginger and chili powder. You can use oregano or basil instead of coriander. Turmeric makes it taste smooth, but isnít necessary.

Crockpot Beans When beans are soft you should switch to low - so use low or autoswitch if cooking all day. After the beans are soft - add liquid smoke and salt to taste.

You can adapt this recipe to any type of beans - the only trick is to not add anything with too much salt or acid until the beans are soft. So if you want to add tomatoes add them later.

You can make them spicier by using hot chilis (fresh ones chopped finely) or omit all the chilis and make them more like baked beans by adding brown sugar substitute, mustard and balsamic vinegar (after the beans are soft).

Crockpot Peanut Chicken Hi all,

I don't recall exactly where I found this recipe ... somewhere on these boards ... nor do I recall who posted it. So my apologies in advance to its creator. :-)

Italian Chicken in a Crock pot
Italian Pepper Beef Good by itself (Phase 1), or put in a whole-wheat pita half for a great sandwich (Phase 2).
Lentil Barley Chili Here's a recipe from the vegetarian thread that I tried. I made some changes, see bottom of recipe, and everyone loved it. And, if you want you can add browned ground beef, minced, if you like.

NOTE: Without the barley it is a Phase 1 recipe.

Quick Vegetarian Chili
Rainbow soup in a jar This makes an excellent gift in a pretty quart jar.
Super Easy and Quick (to prepare!) Roast in a crockpot This would be good in warmed tortillas, too! Enjoy!
Wendy's' Chili This is the chili you can buy at Wendys, I do believe it is safe for all phases.

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