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(8 Recipes Found - Phase 1 in Green)
Coating for Fish and Chicken yummy.. whatever i dont use of the nut/cheese mixture i store it in a baggie in the frig for another use. can save for up to 2 wks with no problem.

Creamy Dill Sauce For the salmon patties.
Easy Cheese Sauce
Homemade Mayonnaise
Pizza Sauce (SBD-Legal) Okay, Marie, here's the recipe for my pizza sauce that you asked me to post. It's simple but good.
Spicy’s Hoisen Sauce This will be a little thinner than the one in the jar, but works very well. I love it drizzled over wraps, brown rice in recipes. Enjoy. I made this last night. It went great with the lamb chops I cooked.
Tomato Salsa I do not take credits for this salsa, found it on Seemed to have all the ingredients one is allowed in phase 1.
Wif's Vinaigrette