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Almond Energy Blast From The South Beach Diet Quick & Easy Cookbook
Asparagus wrapped in Ham
BLT South Beach Style
Broccoli/Cauliflower Salad I found this wonderful recipe elsewhere on the recipe board and wanted to share! Today, I enjoyed it for lunch along with some leftover taco meat and low fat cheese for my protein source. I had been in a salad rut, and this was just the thing to get me out of my routine!

Next time I make this, I am going to substitute Ranch dressing for the mayo and add enough water to just thin it a touch. My hubbys opinion of the salad was its good, but Id just as soon dip fresh veggies in Ranch.

Caprese Bites These are always a big hit!
Cheesy Tomatoes I modified the recipe by slashing the amount of cheese, since cheese is easily a diet-breaker!
Chocolate Shake by Fred Mom
Crunchy Chick Peas I have tried the crunchy chick peas and love them. I have tried them two ways that I think folks might be interested in.
Gail's Jello Chiffon You can use any flavor Jello. This is great for dessert or snack as the cottage cheese is filling.
Ho-Ho-Ho Hummus-Topped Cucumbers From Womans Day. Sounds like a great Phase 1 thing to take to a potluck or get-together at work!
Mock Cinnabon
Mock French Toast
MultiGrain Watercress & Cucumber Tea Sandwiches
Open Face Tuna Melt With Celery Canned white tuna comes from the large albacore and can be high in mercury content. Chunk light, on the other hand, which comes from smaller fish, skipjack or yellowfin, is best for health-conscious eaters. According to a recent study, canned white tuna samples averaged about 315 percent more mercury than chunk light tuna samples.
Perfect Salad Sandwich
Pickled Veggies A friend gave me this recipe and I really like it. I added a couple of things to it. Hope you like it. There are no amounts listed as this is up to you.
Prosciutto Wrapped Asparagus
Ranch Pita Triangles
Ricotta Crepes I mix the filling in the food processor, put that in a separate bowl, then mix the crepes because I'm paranoid about raw eggs. (I also mix up a couple days' worth of the mixtures at a time.) For Phase 2, you could add rasp./strawberries to the filling. I also top mine in either phase w/ a little Reddi Whip.
Sharon's Peanut Butter Cup
Sweet & Spicy Pecans Wasn't sure Splenda could really replace sugar in all situations, so I got out a recipe I've been longing for, and gave that ol' sugar substitute a real test.

It passed with flying colors! So here's my favorite holiday nibble. Those folks who are sensitive to spicy heat may wish to decrease or omit the hot stuff, but I love it!